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Having established his coachbuilding business in 1919 in Paris, Henri Chapron designed bodies for some of France's most elegant vehicles. From the 1920s through the 1940s, his creations clothed chassis from Talbot, Delage, Delahaye and others of their ilk. But when in the 1950s the need for coachbuilt luxury cars started to dry up, Chapron found a novel way of diversifying, turning his attention to the trailblazing new Citroen DS.




Scania with curtainside trailer - Eddie Stobart


A recent forum thread about this model prompted me to take some pics. It really is a very nice model. Issued in 1969, it was only available for a couple of years with Take-Off Wheels before being converted to WhizzWheels. It was available in pearl white over light grey-blue, or silver over light grey-blue, with the latter being rarer. In addition to the removable wheels and Golden Jacks, it featured an opening bonnet, boot and doors, tilting seats and jewelled headlamps.

There's supposed to be a spare in the boot, but mine is missing. I still have the box, although it's a little worn and missing the cellophane.


2009 Releases... Shepherd Neame Bullnose Van

by CorgiPremiums

Bullnose Van - Shepherd Neame

Model #:
Year produced:
1000 pieces, non-limited
Fit the box scale
Sold via Visitor Centre shop - Faversham
Details of how to buy:
www.shepherdneame.co.uk / 01795 542014

This was my first James Bond car I bought in 1988 at my favorite shop at the time the 'Toy Warehouse'. Sadly it no longer exists as it was liquidated. However, this was one model I got for a good price.

Hopefully you will find this photo-blogging session interesting to follow. This is a fantastic set to collect. Limited to 2500, this be number 1341/2500 and I was one of the lucky winners in the Toy Collector Prize Draw earlier this year.

The front of the box is a flap with a magnet strip embedded. It surprised me that it closed very easily.