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Eddie Stobart 40th Anniversary 1970 - 2010

by CorgiCollector

by Geoff Milne

Corgi Collector Club members may recall a short series of features on this iconic haulage company, spread over four editions of the Club magazine in 2007. To coincide with the company's 40th Anniversary celebrations this year - and especially in view of the release of the Corgi Commemorative Set, I thought it might be an appropriate time to delve into my photographic archives once again.

Corgi 235 Oldsmobile Super 88

by Baskingshark

Introduced in 1962 ands #235 in the range, Corgi's Oldsmobile Super 88 had suspension like all Corgis by that point, but no other special features. It proved a useful casting, however, as it spawned a Sheriff's car version with a light on the roof before being withdrawn from the range in 1966 and having the casting converted into the UNCLE car. 


I just got these two nice early Corgi Juniors, the Aston Martin DB6 and Ford Transit Martin Walter Caravan Conversion:


Corgi & Hot Wheels Kitts

by jitz


Now my TV/Movie cars. I always wanted a Knight Rider Kitt in my Collection. I found the two corgis on Bidorbuy.co.za. As you can see the condition they were in. I stripped them & got them primed. I then got the black on with a bit of clear. I then assembled the cars. I then used reflective vynil for the Kitt scanner & got the plates from the net & printed on self adhesive paper, cut & fitted. Also tinted the windows. A friend bought the Hotwheels Shelby Mustang in the black with the stripes, I just added the plates & the scanners. The old Kitts & the New one.

In The Great Book of Corgi, Marcel Van Cleemput lists the Corgi Classics 9041 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost among his top twenty models. He also takes a dim view of the fact that, just four years after its 1966 introduction, the painstakingly-engineered model was, as he puts it, "soullessly sacrificed to The Hardy Boys."


Re-issued in "an awful combination of so-called Psychedelic colours," he explains, the Rolls now provided transport for a five-piece rock group consisting of Frank and Joe Hardy, "Chubby" Morton, Wanda Kay Breckenridge and Pete Jones, figures of whom (complete with instruments) now came with the car, clipped to a green plastic platform which snapped onto the roof.

Ford Escort Mk1 - Chiltern Hills