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Corgi Ferrari 348 TB

by jitz

Toy Superhauler - Eddie Stobart


Foden S2 - Carters Circus

by CorgiPremiums

Foden S2 including Ballast Box with Flatbed Trailer and Load - Carters Circus


Corgi 228 Volvo P1800

by Baskingshark

I just won this nice non-Saint version Corgi Volvo P1800 off eBay:


Dinky Toys 514 Weetabix Guy Van

The Weetabix Guy Van - perhaps the most desirable Dinky in existence. I am asked about these about once a week, so it is great to finally have one in such an impressive condition. Fitted with rear opeining doors, the model was produced between 1952 and 1954, and production was terminated to make room for the Ever Ready (918) and Golden Shred (919) Guy Vans when the vans were renumbered.

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Back in 1989, a book came out which went straight to the top of all Corgi collectors' Christmas lists. Authored by former Mettoy Chief Designer Marcel R. Van Cleemput, who had prepared the very first designs of the very first Corgi cars in 1956 and had subsequently been involved in every single model that followed, The Great Book of Corgi was the definitive guide to the Mettoy-produced brand, covering its history from '56 up to Mettoy's bankruptcy in 1983.


It's hard to believe that 21 years have passed since the original book was published, but while Mettoy never came back to life, Corgi most certainly did, and that's 21 more years of new models that weren't covered in the original book. And which Marcel has now updated the book to cover for the new 2010 edition, due out this Autumn. On the occasion of the new book's announcement, he very kindly agreed to talk to Toy Collector about it and, of course, about his amazing history with Corgi.