Several years ago I was lucky enough to win an EBAY auction for a set of Dorfan standard gauge freight cars. I've always been a fan of lithographed tinplate, but these cars seemed special with lithography so spectacular as to warrant comments like this:

January 2011

Text And Photos By Jim Kelly

Members of the Standard Gauge Module Association returned to exhibit at the Syracuse Train Fair on November 6 & 7, 2010. It was the group's third time presenting an operating Standard Gauge layout at the event. However, there were a number of firsts at this event: the first elevated layout loop, the first separate kid's layout with candy train, and Bob Thon got to see both of the Mc Keen car sets that he started building 25 years ago together at one venue . The perimeter of the SGMA layout measured 20' x 32' and featured a considerable number of inside modules used for display of accessories and trains.

Photos by Max Champion

SGMA member Charlie Grover set up a knee-high train table next to the SGMA display at Syracuse in November 2011. Charlie ran Standard Gauge tinplate and Thomas and Friends trains. There was a candy car chocked full of sweets running on the main line. Needless to say, the kids loved it!

A Whistle Car With Universal Couplings

by skeptic49

by Colin Duthie

I had a spare Lionel whistle and decided to install it in a Lionel base with a homemade body. This enables non-whistle equipped locos to have a whistle.

By Charles Grover

Perhaps this idea is worth sharing in Tinplate Times to try to stimulate publicizing the hobby. My local library allowed me to set up a pre-Christmas display of toy trains in the two display cabinets where people enter the library. I set up the displays and took a few photographs. Three of the books are mine. A librarian came up with the others. I am exhibiting this anonymously for security. I don't want a stranger raiding my basement. I have put a special e-mail address on one placard for anyone who has questions.When the last Harry Potter movie comes out I will see if I can do a display of Lionel's 0 and 1 gauge Hogwarts Express, and my N model of the train that was later repainted for the movies. I might have a time to run them in the library community room. The librarians could come up with some other things to display or locate them in the community. I have offered to run trains for kids any time mutually convenient.