Summer 2010 Surgery

by scalemodelrestoration

Hi Folks Mj here! I have been away for aittle while now and should be on the road to recover after surgery July 19th 2010 on my hand and wrist, also with type ll diabetes i have been on the road to recovery, and doing pretty good.

So i shall return very very soon! they took the last pin out of my thumb Sept 6th 2010.. and going thru therapy now.........

Can hardly wait! and were did this past summer go! WOW! did it fly by!!

Scale Model Restoration alittle about me and what i do

by scalemodelrestoration

Hi Folks! Its Mj here, this will be my first of the first blog, i have no idea what a blog is so im here to find out!

Being Born in the midwest in 1965 Prime time for scale model model building, But i didnt find that out for a few years, in fact my Grandfather was into HO scale trains and that is what i started out with.....for a few years anyway.

That lasted till about 1972 or '73 i switched over to model car's, i remember my father (the one i grow up with) picked up a model 1940 Ford Pick up. that i was to brush paint for a 4-H event happing at a fair grounds by were we lived......

Un-known car but is it ever cool!

by scalemodelrestoration

I picked this car up from a friend i believe it to be a 1927 ford roadster, it requires two D batterys, and to make some of the feature works you have to slip the lever (levers in the trunk) forward for the engine to run, then you can switch another lever forward for say the steering and the front wheels turn left and right and again till you turn the switch off......the one single wiper blade does work (goes back and fourth)........or theres even a lever to move forward and the car moves, what a hoot it is to have the steering lever forward as well..........looks like a drunk driver LOL.

Horn doesnt work and the doors dont open when the lever is pushed forward.....

Anyone have any info on this cool car.believe it to be 1/8th scale maybe it sbigger then 1/18th........