First two pictures are from the top of the stairs, you can see how many people came to visit and wander around stalls, here they are so you can imagine the Telford atmosfere a bit more.

telfor IPMS

Telford 2010 IPMS

The last blog contains pictures from categories 50-80.  This part contains pictures of Figures, Civilian Vehicles, Ships, Sci-Fi Hardware and Figures and couple of Locos. If you want to see more pictures,  you can see them  here on ToyCollector. Visit either my blogs about IPMS special interest groups or go to the galleries and see all the photos I took in Telford.  The gallery is called ''Telford 2010''. This last blog contains some pretty scary pictures, pay attention and do not get scared when you see class number 73, single figure ''SIL'' , it scared me a lot. See it on your own here.



I have always loved to watch Formula one on TV on Sundays. Sundays are  just made for watching TV and Formula one. When I discovered in Telford models of Formula one cars and pilots I was very glad because I had F1 Ferrari model of Jean Alesi myself, I am not sure anymore what scale was it but it was my first model I have ever had. You can see two pictures of formulas in here and the rest are military vehicles, for example beatiful GAZ - AAA-M4, and one ralley car PORSCHE 911 GT3 R, so go ahead and see all the pictures.



Class called: PRE 1914 any scale took place at Telford also. This model took us to the past a litlle bit and I prepared another ten WINNERS for you. I have always wondered where those guys, like the one in the picture got the courage to try and fly with gadgets like this one. That is the reason why I picked this picture to be the first one. As always feel free to comment on my blog and if you do not like the way I am took pictures please comment and reccomend me better way how to do it, so next time you will get better report from fair and competition.



U.S. Air Force SIG IPMSWhen I was a little kid I always wanted to join army and become pilot, well, dreams change and obviously this one will never come true, I am sure a lot of  little boys (I am not that little actually anymore) had the same dream. When I noticed this stall I knew there has got to be something what I really like. I was right. U.S. Air Force SIG build models of anything and everything the US Air Force has ever operated or even planned or speculated about! This covers aircraft, missiles, satellites, armoured vehicles, soft-skin vehicles, emergency vehicles, engineering equipment, boats and trains. They cover the regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserver, the Civil Air Patrol and (although it cannot be confirmed or denied!), the CIA and other "apparently civilian" organisations such as Air America. Take a lot at few pictures I have taken.



A lot of models took part in the competition, around 70 classes and in each class there was at least 5, sometimes to 10 models. As I said before, it was my first IPMS Scale Model world Competition I have ever visited and to see so many models at one place together was real experience for me. I can't tell if it was big competition comparing to other competitions, but when I have seen all the tables full of models and long queue of modellers waiting to sign up theirs models for competition I was very surprised. Thanks to organizers of fair, who sent us list of winners and names of models I can write this blog and tomorrow are another ten classes waiting for us.