Mondo Motors, a review

by jclevering

Mondo Motor seems to have partnered up with BBC's Top Gear to present a 1:64 scale diecast series of miniature cars. The series seems to consist of sports cars, like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Maserati MC12.

Mondo or the BBC have done smart to give the cars a USP (Unique Selling Point): All cars feature the mythical figure of the Stig, the tame racing driver who does all the "power laps" for the television series.

Some examples:

F1 in 2007

by jclevering

These are not the only scale models made of the 2007 Formula 1 season; Kyosho also made some Super Aguri's.

Recent Hot Wheels

by jclevering

Doosan CL

This is the Doosan CL. Or as real as it is going to get. The CL, or Concept Loader, is a concept of how a loader might look in the year 2020. It is the sister model to the CX or Concept eXcavator. Both miniatures come with a DVD showing the special features of the machines. In this case, the loader has a moving counterweight at the rear, a head-up display and independant suspension. Also the bucket construction is different to contemporary designs in that the bucket can slide over the ends of the bucket arm.

I hope to showcase the CX soon as well. Both miniatures actually exist for some time already, but seem to be quite limited in distribution.

Towing in small scale

by jclevering

Unlike the bigger scales, especially in small scale we have seen historically many vehicles that tow trailers. In the early days of SIKU, when they were making miniature cars out of plastic, we already had vehicles with trailers. Oter manufacturers too always seemed to like towing. Brands like Majorette, Edocar, Matchbox but also the "Made in China" variety always seemed to have liked selling these.

Greenlight recently released a set of 1:64 cars with trailers.

Autoworld - a new brand with old names

by jclevering

The founder of Johnny Lightning in the 1990's sold his business and founded a new company. A couple of years ago he started a new company and not so long ago the first 1:64 diecast cars appeared. The cars offered are sometimes surprising and all in the same scale. They often feature nice details, like a roofrack as in the car below