Dogs in da car

by fabiodipa

We love toys but sometimes the quality and the care of details is poor. Despite this sometimes, also in cheap toys, we  find some details that we appreciate and remember.
This is the case of some cars reproductions for kids. Cheap toys with a love about details. The users of found a strange common detail between models of different makes and ages: the presence of dogs inside cars...

 '68 Matchbox Lesney Mercury
'68 Lesney Matchbox Mercury Commuter

Matchbox Oldsmobile Vesla
2006 Matchbox Oldsmobile Vesla Cruiser

'70 Majorette Fiat 127
'72 Majorette Fiat 127

'81 Hot Wheels Mercedes 380 SEL

Preamble: Diecast lovers... dot com

by fabiodipa

This is a story of a newborn site... Oh, to be honest has a year of life but... is still in beta! Studing mysql database I was interested in categorize my own models. Then I've started creating a database, after some php pages, and, found a name, began to publish some pages online. 
This is the actual aspect of my own site. 
 the homepage of
After this my idea was to give to everyone the possibility to manage his collection. The rest of the story in my next post.