Dinky Toys 919 Golden Shred Guy Van
DInkyToys919GoldenShredGuy.png picture by cubitgroup

The Golden Shred Guy Van was released in 1957 and was featured on the back cover of Meccano's June issue of its monthly magazine, June being the month of the model's release. The Golden Shred Guy Van was produced until 1959, after a relatively short production life, which makes it relatively difficult to get hold of. Alongside the Guy Lyons Van and the 920 Ketchup Guy Van, this is one of the more desirable Guy vans.

The use of the Golly logo may be seen as slightly controvertial nowadays - In fact Robertson & Son's was seemingly forced to retire its use of the symbolic reference in 1988 (having used it since 1910), following growing pressure after the Greater London's Council boycotted Robertson's products in 1983, having deemed the imagery as offensive.  Interestingly, Robertson's operated a token trade-in scheme from the 1920's to the 1980's, whereby collecting a number of tokens from Marmalade jars and redeeming them would allow one to collect a Golden Shred Golliwog Badge. These vintage badges have become very collectable in their own right, with most making £2-£3, but some selling for up to £1,000.

Returning to the subject of the Dinky Toy... given the model's original cost of 8/9, it is amazing to think that a perfect example of this model can fetch up to £1,000. Frankly a wonderful piece.

Dinky Toys 60FF Caravelle Plane - "Scandinavian Airline System"

DinkyToys60FFCaravellePlane.png picture by cubitgroup


The Caravelle Plane  with SAS decals. Labelled generally as 60FF, although technically it is just a 60F variant, also labelled 891C. The variant [above], unlike the standard "Air France" issue [below], is the SAS decal to the wing and "Scandian Airline System" to the side of the plane.

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Dinky Toys 923 Heinz Big Bedford Van - Ketchup Issue


The Heinz Big Bedford Van with opening rear doors was released in December 1955 at a cost of 8/3 with a baked bean decal design [below] and was shown in the January 1956 issue of Meccano magazine. It was supplied in a Dinky Supertoys box (blue/white striped). April 58 saw the release of a rare issue with revised decals - incorporating a ketchup bottle and a variant font [above].

Lot Number 3380

As well as supplying the 923 Bedford Van, Dinky also produced a 920 Guy Warrior van with ketchup-design decals - never producing a baked bean version. The Guy Van was provided solely in a non-pictorial box, whereas the 923 was available in either/or.

Even listed as "Old Dinky Meccano Green Car - Morgan ?" and despite a disconnected front grille this car recently managed to achieve the collossal sum of £570.

Unlike the post-war issue, which, even in mint condition, will struggle to reach £200, this pre-war example sports a different base plate, colour scheme, and most significantly, two drivers sitting inside of it.

Just two years ago, the Ramsay's guide valued mint examples of this model at £1000-£1500 complete with two inner packing pieces.

£1500 is an insult of an undervaluation for this model, which was so overwhelmingly overpriced by dinky that barely a single model sold... and subsequently these are just impossible to find.

£3350 was by no means a bargain, but an investment which can be enjoyed and appreciated!


For anyone who missed this listing last week, you missed a gem of the collecting world!