In autumn 2008, a range of French Dinky Toys replicas, made of diecast and manufactured in China, was introduced by the publishing house Editions Atlas, under the name of "Dinky Toys de mon enfance" ("Dinky Toys from my childhood"). By August 2009, 12 models have been released in this range.

Editions Atlas is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, but distributes partworks for collectors in various European markets, especially in France. The Dinky Toys reproductions are only available by direct subscription in France and other French-speaking countries.

Early Dinky Toys have become very rare, especially in good condition. Of course, these products were made as toys and were used as toys. Furthermore the quality of the diecast alloys used by Dinky Toys before World War II was not the best, many surviving pre-war Dinky Toys are now suffering from metal fatigue. As a consequence, if you come across a pre-war Dinky Toy that still displays well you will notice that it is very expensive.