Based on the real "Jitney Service" bus which still remains in original condition today. The vehicle was based on a special Model T Ford Chassis.

This is another "Bannarit" handmade model, made from "Bannarit" material which is "strong as steel and light as carbon fibre". It is a one-off and the only one made!

Hand Made 1914 Rolls Royce Silver GhostThis 1/18 Rolls-Royce 1914 silver ghost "Boat Tail" is my latest handmade scratchbuild model which is just completely finished. Containing full details such as wooden Boat Tail body, gullwing engine cowling, full details engine, chrome front grill together with "The Spirit of Ecstacy", real Cow leather seats, full details front panel gauge, velvet floor carpet, suicide single openable door, turn front wheels, fabric spare wheel covering, wire wheels with full detail tires, etc.