Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled a sculpture that highlighted the kick-off for the brand's celebrations of the 125th birthday of the automobile. The sculpture, named "Aesthetics 125," is said to be the embodiment of the Mercedes-Benz philosophy that states "design is art."

The Hill-Climbing Bull

by bannarit

The Hill climbing Bull

Rhys Millen wants to break the Pikes Peak hill-climb record, and he’s partnering with Hyundai to build the unique weapon you see here. The current record holder, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, set his time of 10:01.408 in a purpose-built Suzuki Sport “XL7” that had about as much to do with a real Suzuki as Millen’s does with any Genesis.

The First Porsche

by bannarit

1939 Type 64


The Forgotten Barn Find!

by bannarit

Here is my latest model. This one was inspired by my model of the "Drowned Bugatti Brescia," the look and feel of which I found very intriguing - so much so, that I decided to create a new section of my site entitled "The Forgotten," in which this latest model, "The Barn Find" is the first model.


After the Bugatti, I looked around for similar stories that fit the theme, but none of them really hit home for me, so I decided to create my own story form my imagination and began sketching, since I'm a painter as well as a model maker.

Mercedes-Benz T80

by bannarit


The story of the LSR set on a public highway reminded me of another attempt to again break the record on a similar venue. I did some research and this is the result.

The BMW 328 Kamm Coupĩ

by bannarit

The BMW 328 Kamm Coupĩ, named after the German aerodynamics pioneer Wunibald Kamm, disappeared without trace back in 1953. But now - 70 years after BMW's famous Mille Miglia victory - BMW Classic has recreated this legendary racing car, once again illuminating an important milestone in both motor sport history and the development of vehicle aerodynamics. "We are very proud to be able to bring this car back into the public spotlight," said Karl Baumer, Director of BMW Group Classic. "We've come up against some major technical challenges, had many discussions and racked up countless hours of research, but when you see the car for the first time you can sense the passion and expertise invested in the project by everyone involved - all those years ago and today."