Volkswagen Golf MkI

by Vanguards Collectors Club

For those of you who are fans of the Volkswagen Golf, and we know there are many, the wait is almost over for this iconic model to join the range. Yet another foreign marque to join the Vanguards line up, the Golf's appearance reflects the wishes and preferences of you, our collectors.

VA1 2000 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1 Series 1

The Vanguards Collector Club has just announced details of the Club Year Model which comes as part of the membership package each year.

Members are delighted to see that the model for 2010 is the hugely popular Austin A40 Farina - and even more pleased because it is only the fourth model off the A40 Farina tool.

Vanguards Club Unveils Chrome Models for 2010

by Vanguards Collectors Club


The Vanguards Collectors Club has just unveiled the Chrome model line-up for 2010 and already demand is high for these very stylish models, which are exclusive to Club members.

Each year, four models are selected from the Corgi Vanguards range to be treated to a gleaming chrome finish, making them very desirable models to own and ones which take pride of place in many collections.

All the models are 1: 43 scale and, over the years since the Chrome range was launched in 2003, some iconic vehicles have featured - including the Rover P5, the Jaguar XJ6, the Lotus Cortina and the Ford Capri Mk III. Each model release carries a number plate in the LCC series; the first model was LCC1 which was the Rover P5.

Many of the earlier models are still much sought after and change hands for significant sums.

Royal Air Force Model Vehicles

by Vanguards Collectors Club

With the very recent release of RAF liveried vehicles within both the Trackside and Vanguards ranges we take a look at the history of RAF support vehicles and the various roles they played in order to help to keep fighter and bomber planes in the air.

It was during the First World War that the need for dedicated support vehicles first surfaced. Several types of bi-plane were in operation with the RFC (Royal Flying Corp) and Naval Flying Services in France and Belgium, to carry out reconnaissance missions over enemy lines. Support vehicles evolved with time but initially fuel tankers and trucks to carry aircraft spares were the order of the day. The army on both sides didn't see these flying machines, made from wooden frames, canvas and string, as anything but data gathering devices. In fact when aircraft of opposing sides met they would salute each other as aviators! It wasn't until someone thought about the idea of strapping bombs to the outside of the cockpit which could be hand-dropped by the pilot that their potential became more apparent. Both sides adopted this new bombing technique, so creating a need to prevent enemy aircraft from over-flying each others lines. A machine gun that fired through the gaps in the propeller's rotation was developed and with it the infamous ‘dog fight'. Trucks now needed to supply not only spares and fuel but also bombs and ammunition, making the RFC dependent upon its support vehicles.

Spotlight on the Jaguar XJ12

by Vanguards Collectors Club

This February sees the release of VA08621 Jaguar XJ12 in Turquoise, a very stylish model which epitomises luxury and refinement. Looking at its classic lines, it seems amazing that this car was launched as long ago as 1972, but it's timeless elegance is a tribute to William Lyon's ability to sculpt shapes more beautiful than that of any other rival. He had created a masterpiece in the original XJ6 of 1968 whilst engineering genius Bob Knight's made the XJ the smoothest drive there was. So, when the company's new V12 engine was fitted the result was, by some margin, the best car in the world. Unfortunately, internal politics at British Leyland delayed its launch but it was finally unveiled in 1972 to great acclaim. With a maximum speed of 145mph and 0-60mph in just 7.4 seconds it was the world's fastest four door car and, at just £3726, a bargain.

A strike affected initial production resulting in a waiting list, only for seventies oil crisis to affect demand for what was a very thirsty car! A sublime vehicle, however, and a true classic which stands the test of time.

Swallow Sidecar

January to March 2010 Releases... More New Models on the way!

by Vanguards Collectors Club

Your Collector Club team recently attended the preview of a supplementary range which will be released during the period January to March 2010. This is a compact range which comprises of eleven Vanguards releases - including two in Police livery and two detailed motorsport liveries - and three new Trackside releases, including a three piece set. The reason for this unexpected ‘bonus' of releases is that Corgi have decided, after consultation with retailers and collectors, to amend the new release programme to cover the periods April to September and October to March each year. This new supplementary range therefore fills the ‘gap' before we start on the new programme - and very welcome it is too! We will be able to bring you news of releases for April- September 2010 early in 2010, after we have attended the range preview in January at Hornby in Margate.

You should also notice some changes to the pricing structure for Vanguards as we go into 2010 which will mean, in some cases, that the recommended retail price of a model actually goes down. Corgi have decided to evaluate each model individually so that the price you pay reflects the size of the model and the detail of the livery. So, for example, Corgi are recommending that a small model with a simple livery (such as, for example, the Reliant Regal Supervan featured in this new release programme) should retail at £13.99. Models which feature highly detailed livery, such as the Gerry Marshall Triumph Dolomite Sprint also previewed here, will be a little more expensive to reflect the level of detail; this one has a recommended retail price of £20.99. A larger model like the elegant Jaguar XJ12 in a standard livery should retail at £14.99, so you can see how the price differentiations are being made.


The Vanguards range for January to March 2010 supplement features eleven carefully selected models, some of which demonstrate highly accomplished production of very detailed livery. Our Classic range feature some favourite Vanguard castings, including the Ford Cortina Mk III 2.0 GXL in Evergreen livery and an A40 Farina in Tartan Red, only the second Classic release from the 2009 saloon tooling. An RAF Land Rover and a Reliant Regal Supervan III in BOAC livery provide the commercial offering. Police livery is always very popular and we have two new releases; the very ‘retro' Ford Escort XR3i in Dorset Police livery and a Talbot Sunbeam from the Sussex force off the new 2009 tooling. The Motorsport series continues to celebrate great drives in great cars; the striking Alan Mann Ford Cortina MkI, the hugely popular Ford Capri - as driven by Vince Woodman in the 1982 British Saloon Car Championship - and the Gerry Marshall Triumph Dolomite Sprint, a triumph of detailed livery!