Last Saturday I bought at the fleamarket in Stuttgart Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y4 Sentinel Steam Wagon. But the model has not the regular signs at the front and on the sides. The print is GEBR. SCHMIDT GMBH GS DRUCKFARBENFABRIKEN. Who knows this model? I think it is original from the 50ies, because you can not see that it had another print.

Lineol and other figures in my garden

by Toymaniac

I don`t know if other collectors alos like to take pictures of their figures in the garden or other outside territories. I really like it much. Yesterday I took this picture of  old Lineol / Elastolinfigures.

These about 7cm large German toy soldiers must be from about 1915. I bought them together with Elastolin 10cm soldiers from this time. They have no manufacturer sign. Who knows the manufacturer?

Husky film cars

by Toymaniac

Last Saturday I bought these Husky models at the Karlsplatz flea market in Stuttgart. The models are in nearly new condition and I only paid 80.- Euro in total. A real bargain.

Who knows more about the Perry Rhodan Figures from Fredy Martin Schulz?  I know that he made these figures from 1967 to 1970 and then lost the licence. But did he still make the figures for a longer time? Which figures did he make? For those who do not know the Perry Rhodan Figures: They are about 7cm large, made of hard plastic and handpainted from Fredy Martin Schulz.

And the last question: Do people from other countries than Germany collect these figures?