Charlie Bury has one of the most amazing Action Figure sites I know, he makes super realistic models of military scenes, here the one I like most (more on his site here).

Since almost everybody has seen Saving Private Ryan, we all know what a Landing Craft Vehicle Personel Boat is, better known as a Higgins Boat. These little devils helped win WW2. They are most famous for the Normandy Invasion (DDAY). Charlie thought it would be challenging to build a Joe Size Higgins LCVP, Landing Craft.‚   These photos will show how he constructed his Higgins Boat. 

Had a game of what is also called fooseball, foozeball, fusball, fuseball, table soccer, metegol, taca-taca, futbolín, totó, pebolim, gits, footine, baby-foot or kicker and started looking around what is out there - and the variety is amazing!

The Oxford Foosball Table adds is very classy with its cherry stain, and tasteful antique styling

This is too good to not share:


Soviet Models from the 1970s

by Tom1

I recently found this envelope with postcars from the USSR called "Skillful Hands. Young Technicians." published by the Planeta Publishing House. Moscow in 1973.  The price  was 51 kopeykas (the equivalent of bottle of Pepsi) and the amazing production run of 300,000 copies!  I love the variety, here come the 15 postcards:

1. Scarlet Sails. Teamwork of Leningrad Technical Workshops for Young

Wacky Inventor dabbling in toys

by Tom1

Early RC Truck created early 40s (the Japanese started production of the first RC Trucks in the mid 50s)

Claude Shannon was one of the inventors creating the Computer Era.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) allowed him to work from home on whatever he wanted.  He created lots of stuff and even name the Bit (from BInary digiT), some of it he referred to "I spend a lot of time creating completey useless things", I disagree:

Saw this on eBay (No. 130302655414) and copied it over here in the hope that somebody decides to buy it for me...

The world is filled with wannabes aching to take over the planet, employing whatever means necessary to wrest control from those who rightfully have it. Enter Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) and Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn), two secret agents given the mission by the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement (U.N.C.L.E) to stop the nefarious plans of men and women with delusions of grandeur who are gunning for the top spot. James Bond creator Ian Fleming contributed to the show's creation.