Article initially published by Rick Keil, with Elizabeth, Laura and Allison Keil, in 2007.


Toward the concept of Tinplate

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Article initially published by Neal R. Nicolay, (photos Jim Kelly collection)in 2008.

Tinplate Times Profile: Brian Miller

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Article initially published by Mike Isenberg in 2005.

Tinplate Times Profile: Jack Windt

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Tinplate Times interviews Sarasota attorney and longtime tinplate collector Jack Windt, TCA HR 65-1181. Jack, now 73, still maintains his own law practice. Jack graduated with a BS from the University of Tampa in 1956, and earned his law degree from Stetson University College of Law in 1959. Jack is a veteran having served in the United States Navy between 1951 and 1954. Jack is a 32 Degree Mason Shriner, Navy League Former President, Kiwanis Club Past President, Sarasota Optimist Club Member, and Jazz Club of Sarasota Past President. Jack is very proud to be the attorney for the "Doolittle Raiders," who conducted the famous bombing raid on Tokyo during WW II on April 18th, 1942.


Tinplate Times:
Jack, tell us about yourself:

Tinplate Times Profile: Don Brace

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Tinplate Times: Don, when did you start collecting toy trains?