Planned HBM Models

by TheOneTrueScale
Ron Crawford as per last TOTS Newsletter

We anticipate being able to start deliveries of regular production models sometime late this summer. We will begin with a big slug of X-planes and follow those with some of the long awaited WWII types in the autumn. In addition to the models previously announced we have a nice X-26A and X-26B, an X-7A with its launch booster and an X-10at our casters.

The 1/200 scale drawings for the new releases are attached on the next four pages. You may need to invoke the zoom function, especially if you receive a compressed or PDF file, to get your copies back to 1/200. Please look those over and let me know how many of each you wish to order and whether there are any you wish to pass on.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the usefulness of Jay Miller's The X-Planes for modeling NASA experimentals. Each aircraft has its own chapter, complete with spec's, drawings, dimensions, and history. We are hopeful for a new edition which will bring the coverage up to the known types such as the X-53. The books are out of print at this writing, but readily available. I have become addicted to a meta site which runs other book search engines simultaneously.

As per last TOTS Newsletter

I am deliberately putting this at the end of the newsletter . (Just the subtitle merits that! ) This is kind of a rambling think-piece. Initially I wrote down these ideas to help sort out my own thinking. Maybe you will find them useful too. If not, here is a dotted line that you can snip across.

(cut here)

When you spend 30 or more years on a project that turns out around 850 different models, there is a human tendency to get your own critical faculties caught up in the action. It feels much more like raising some extra offspring, all of whom by definition are "above average". We need something to grab our attention once in a while to restore perspective and a sense of the Big Picture. In my case it was hitting some Real Life transitions. That happens at 68. There are inevitably some bumpy paths between Advanced Youth and Early Middle Age.

The Dinky Flamingo revisited

by TheOneTrueScale

Some of you will know that Dinky intended to produce a model of the DH Flamingo but it never went into production. David Austin produced a limited number of very convincing replicas a while back under the name of The Aerodrome.

George Burton has been looking for one for some time and eventually decided to make his own by converting a Dinky seaplane. Here it is:

British 1/200th scale Model Aircraft

by TheOneTrueScale

A brief outline history of 1/200th scale models produced in England by low-volume manufacturers, past and present, with notes on the makers.

Compiled by Derek Barratt Spring 2008