Article initially published by James Price, images by Doug Breithaupt in Feb. 2003.

Alfa Romeo Spider by Welly

Article initially puiblished by Brian Willoughby and Doug Breithaupt in Apr.2003.



Article initially published by David Cook and Doug Breithaupt in Feb. 2003.


Hot Wheels the Recent Years

by TalesofToyCars

Article initially published by Bob Parker in Mar 2003.


Back when I was in the rare book trade, there was a classification called Hypermoderns. this was used to differentiate between the "Modern" classics by Hemingway, Faulkner, and Steinbeck from the collectible books that had been published in the past five to ten years. Such book's values were highly speculative in nature and subject to the whims of fad and fashion. I'm reminded of those now while looking through this latest from Bob Parker.

From Cork to Cars: Mazda in Miniature

by TalesofToyCars

Article initially published by Brian Willoughby in Feb. 2003, images by Doug Breithaupt.



Call it what you will, the wagon is making a comeback. In the world of real cars, wagons are popular once again. In the world of toy cars, we are beginning to see more new wagons as well. What follows is a comparison of five automotive marques who have offered wagons in the past and continue to do so now. Do you prefer the older or newer wagons?


Audi 100 Avant - Siku