Tomica - Toyota Land Cruiser


Mattel "Hot Wheels" Thunderbird Models

by TalesofToyCars


Mattel has issued 4 basic models of the '57 T'Bird since the start of their Hot Wheels line in 1968. The first model appeared in 1969, the second appeared in 1977 and the third in 1988. . A fourth model of the '57 was acquired in 1996 from Corgi and added to the basic line. Another model was tried of a composite 55/56 in a "micro" size but only issued once , in 1989.

The Little Cars We Love to Test Drive

by TalesofToyCars

Built for the road test, Majorette's Supers (1996 Mustang Convertible) come with cones.

Do you remember the first time you opened up a newly purchased 1/60-scale vehicle and playfully rolled it across the hard, wooden floor? Perhaps it was to check if the wheels turned properly - or simply to test the type of suspension that the manufacturer had installed as "standard" equipment? Well, if you are like me, the emotional aspect of driving different cars (I rent frequently) compares favorably to that first experience.

Born Again Cars - Part I

by TalesofToyCars

Article initially published by Raed Ammari in Sep 2000.


Article initially published by David Cook in July 2001, images by David Cook and Doug Breithaupt.


Maxwell Mini Auto Toys from India

by TalesofToyCars

Article initially published by Kimmo Sahakangas in Mar 2002.