1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II By Pocher

Corgi - 279 Rolls-Royce Corniche


This 14.5cm large model of the Corgi #279 Corniche was made between 1979-83 in many colours. This silver/black two-tone version cam with the blue Italian printed box with yellow insert from the early eighties.


Solido - Volkswagen


Solido - Prestige Models tried to make displayable large scale models in the mid-Nineteen-Eighties. Although it is unclear if they actually did proper research on these or if they based the models on the US-export market of which there were several books available at the time.

Maisto scale 1/18 - Mini Cooper


A few years ago my dear old Mum gifted me a Maisto Mini Cooper in 1/18th scale. It stayed in its original box on my shelf awaiting a good sunny outdoor photo session.

I would have been delighted to do a comparison with my other Bburago Mini Cooper (the old one), but its in scale 1/16 and therefore much bigger, when in reality the New-Shape Mini Cooper was the larger of the two.

Bought this one at the same time as the DY-9 Land Rover. Its a basic heavy diecast model excellent for display purposes only. The silver metallic blue was a fairly standard colour in the 1990s as it was used on specific Yesteryear models at the time.

Would've been nice if TPTB been a bit more adventurous in their colours for this model in either light pastels or two-tone combo's.

A few weeks ago during another forum discussion about Matchbox-Dinky I realized I must have this particular Land Rover in my collection. Won it for a reasonable price without any great hassle and straight from the UK for a change.