Batteries are not Incuded

by Pedalmania

Before the war the Japanese Toy industry was content on making cheap imitations of other countries toys with recycled tin cans

However, after the war and through the sixties they came into their own with the most ingenious toys imaginable in Battery Operated Toys which changed the dimension of the toy world.

Starting in 1946 Japanese toy makers began replacing clockwork and friction drive toys with small electric motors this enabled the toys to imitate both human and animal motions over the next twenty years approx 95% of battery operated toys came from Japan.

Boomaroo Verus Wyn-Toys

by Pedalmania

Another great Australian Toy Manufacturer was Wyn-Products which made a variety of Toy Trucks and cars.


Billy Carts

by Pedalmania

Billy CartBillycarts are traditionally made from 'found' materials, either scrounged in the neighbourhood or from the local dump. The best carts were, of course, made by the children themselves, though doubtless there were some fathers who helped either with expertise or with supplies. If the neighbourhood boasted of anything approaching a hill, this added to the delight as rivals raced downhill. A brake might be an additional luxury.

Pedal Cars

by Pedalmania

Pedal Car collecting is a passion I hold dearly in my hands.

Pedalmania will try to share Pictures and stories over the next few blogs


Boomaroo Toys

by Pedalmania

Hi Everyone

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Boomaroo Toys made a range of pressed steel vehicles and other toys in competition with other Australian manufacturers such as Wyn-toy and overseas toy companies such as the Buddy-L