While I have not been for a while (so it is partly my fault), this article that I copied from the Yorkshire Post. shocked me since it is what is inevitably happening with the hobby as the internet becomes a more and more important part of the hobby:

It caters for a traditional hobby and The Model Shop has itself become one of Hull’s traditions with premises that have barely changed for generations.

Lionel's Trading Cards

by Panther63

Lionel made these lovely trading cards and I could not believe the other day seeing that a whole set of 24 sold at auction for $550!  Here are 20 of them:

  1. 4-4-0 Woodburner
  2. Alco-GE FA-2 Diesel "Boston and Maine"
  3. Alco-Type Diesel "Rock Island"
  4. General Electric 3,300 h.p. Electric "Virginian"
  5. General Electric 4,000 h.p. Electric "Pennsylvania"
  6. General Motors F3 Type Diesel "Baltimore and Ohio"
  7. General Motors F3 Type Diesel "Canadian Pacific"
  8. General Motors F3 Type Diesel "Rio Grande"
  9. General Motors F3 Type Diesel "Texas Special"
  10. General Motors F3 Type Diesel "Santa Fe"
  11. General Motors F3 Type Diesel "Southern"
  12. General Motors F3 Type Diesel "Western Pacific"
  13. General Motors GP-7 Diesel "Burlington"
  14. General Motors GP-7 Diesel "Milwaukee"
  15. General Motors GP-9 Diesel "Norther Pacific"
  16. General Motors SW1 Switcher "Seaboard"
  17. General Motors SW2 Switcher "Alaskan"
  18. General Motors SW2 Switcher "Union Pacific"
  19. N & W 4-8-4 Class "Norfolk & Western"


Man's love for trains continues at 100

by Panther63

I thought this is a feel good story and I certainly want to do what Lawrence does when I am 100!

Model Railway building at 100Fascinated by their size and power, as a young boy Lawrence Schneeberger would watch steam locomotives travel through his town.

"I would just sit there and stare at it ... the 20th Century Limited on the mainline with 12 or 13 beautiful cars going to New York City," Schneeberger said. "I always wanted to ride on it but I never got the chance."

Looked again through my archive and found this photos:


Train setFounded 1996 by the creator of the London Toy and Model Museum Allen Levy the company produces it models for heavy use (I guess like the originals). It has an excellent range.  The ACE A4 e/4 series of gauge o Pacific locomotives for exampe - featuring virtually all the liveries that Sir Nigel Gresleys ex LNER masterpiece appeared in over the lifetime of the class commencing in 1935. The locos depicted are 'Silver King', 'Falcon', 'Silver Fox' and 'Mallard' (in wartime black and BR Express blue).

Truely Real WW2 Train Diorama

by Panther63
This is my first blog entry; I will try to keep it short & sweet.
Here is an amazing diarama by John Pradarelli from Wisconsin. He is working on a HO Scale Reference Book and I will let you know when that comes out

It took him about 90 hours to complete and was built on a piece of pink insulation foam board approximately 2 ft. x 3 ft. John weathered the trains, build and weather the structures, build & paint the people, and build and paint the military vehicles. Not to mention actually building the groundwork as well.

Isn't it great? John, looking forward to more of this type of work.