Code 3 Dinky Toys

by Nobleco


Code 3 models are models that have been varied in some way from the original model. Not a copy of one already done but something new and different.


Well, I have decided to share with the community an idea for fixing Pinched in place axles in all sorts or toys from Dinky Toys, shown here, to Tootsie Toys, Barclay and many more. Any axle that has a pinch to hold the hub on the axle, and the axle from falling out. This method will work your you.

You need the axle and a spring from a lighter or pen that is small enough to fit tight on the axle. You also need a fine edged file and a dremel or drill press to make it easy. It can be done by had with patience.

First you have to set up the axle in the toy so it is evenly spaced. (Look picture) With the hubs on the axle measure to the inside of the hub. In this case 5/16" in on both sides. Take a fine point marker (look picture) and mark the spot on the axle where you will cut a groove with a file. When you have the groove placement maked, carefully remove the axle and place the hubs to the side. Put the axle into your dremel or drill press ( I am using a drill press, Paul used a Dremel) and turn it on, Baby! With you file, cut a groove, not too deep, into the axle at the spot you marked. Be careful as the file will probably want to move so you should brace you hands and arms against something. I uses the bench and drill press. Cut the groove in both ends and you are almost done.

I would like to post some information from a fellow forum member of another site. It is on how to remove and preserve and replace decals on models. A Careful process that takes some time but if the decal is irriplaceable or very rare or in really good condition, this method should work. I have yet to find the supplier in North America but I will be looking and post it here in the blog when I get it. Hope this will help out some of my fellow Modelers. 


I am restoring an Austin Champ, Military version, for a customer. It is very rusty under the hood where the windscreen is attached. Also, the axles are rusted and the hubs have rusted to the axles. I have removed the front axle and hubs, as you can see in the photos. The rear hub on the drivers side, is giving me a time of it. I am now soaking it in WD-40 overnight to see if that will free it up. If not, I will cut it and make a new axle.

Watch along as I restore this toy. I hope I can get the pictures to load up to this thread but if not, they are in my gallery.

Jim N

Here is another installment in what will be an ongoing list of Meccano Erector products. Straight from the Meccano Magazines of the time.

This one is the Super Steam Car and the Articulated Lorry. Hope you find it interesting.

If there is a set you would like me to publish here, let me know and I will do my best to find and post it. I have lots of info, Meccano, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox 1-75 Series, Yesteryears, King Size and M size. Just a smaller K S but sometimes not.

Meccano Sets Outfit No. 10, 1949

by Nobleco

I have come across almost if not the complete set of meccano plans and catalogues from 1949 through 1950 and beyond with lots of individual set construcion instructions.

Here is the first installment.

Cover of the 1949 instruction sheets for Outfit No. 10