World of Wheels Car show in Calgary, Alberta, Feb 17 to 19, 2012

There were model cars here too.

As an update to the blog I wrote on the Victoria Toy Show, here is a Youtube video that Willie took. I don't know the gent be we attended the same event. I even saw a car I had restored for a gent in Alberta. I know my own work, I wonder if he sold it or passed away. Never know I guess as I can not get hold of him through regular channels


There is was, 6:30 am and just getting out of bed. Put the coffee on and went into the living room and turned the TV on to the morning news. Roads to the coast were bare and dry so far so my trip was a solid go. Coffee made and a cup in me I got dressed and went out to start the truck. It has been below freezing here overnight for the last couple of weeks. Isn't Mountain life grand?


Dinky 25v Bedford Cab

by Nobleco

I have been working on the cabs for the Dinky 25v Bedford Refuse truck. This cab was used for a number of different models and I have discovered, I am sure not for the first time, that there are some significant casting changes. Mostly in the rear section. The front end is different where the bumper ends. Look at the photos and you will see what I mean.

I have a friend in Holland and he is a diecast restorer and builder. He has done this project of the Octopussy Range Rover with Horse trailer and the Acrostar aeroplane hidden inside. Here is his post from another site. I have full permission from him to post and edit this article.

Ideas and text and Photos belong to the author, Keesie25.

The Octopussy Acrostar opening scene

In the opening scene of Octopussy, James Bond and his partner Bianca drive somewhere in Cuba, in an open Range Rover, pulling an enormous horsebox. In it the smallest plane ever, a Bede-Acrostar, which unfolds its wings coming out of the fake-horsebox. With the Acrostar James completes his mission to destroy a big military hangar.

It is one of my favorite opening-scenes, although the horsebox is far too big to be left unnoticed by the ever present military......

Because Corgi Toys made a lot of James Bond vehicles, I always wished they would have done this one, but the company went down in 1983, the same year Octopussy appeared. Corgi did make a small 1:64 version, but the ‘real’ 1:43 never showed up.

During the years there always was a lot of speculation on James Bond forums if the Range Rover-horsebox-Acrostar would ever see the light of day. I even had a discussion once in which I said a 1:43 model DID exist......

Only recently the Universal hobbies company made the Range Rover, and surprise, the Acrostar. Those models are always ‘fixed’, and there are no gadgets actually ‘moving’. So the wings of the Acrostar are folded upwards and do not move.

Well, if it isn’t for sale, I will make it myself........not available in Holland, I managed to get a Range Rover and two Acrostars from someone in GB. (thanks Giz)


Only part of the base plate had to go, otherwise the towing-eye of the horsebox would not fit. 75 pictures are attached

This can be a problem for some as it requires good eyesite and hand eye coodination. Thin Masking tape made by Tamiya is what I use and I have three sizes as well as a good green painter's masking tape for the larger areas. I use a metal dental tool to press down the edges of the Tamiya tape at the jucture of the two colors. It is important to get his down well. A wooden tool works just as well and reduces the chance of marking the model. Best used to start with.  Even so, expect a little bleed in a few small areas. This is easy to touch up and I will show how later on.

I use the thin tape for around the edges of the details and to go around corners, as long as the are not to sharp. Wider tape is used to mask off a greater area before applying the green tape to finish off. Here is a series of photos of the process, set by step. I will add the painting of the Black, as that is what I am adding to this Dinky Plymouth Belvedere, French Dinky 24d.

Here we go....