by Nick Nasta

Another scratch made diorama from BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS.

To see more of their dioramas please visit their web site at: http://www.battlesceneproductions.net

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by Nick Nasta

This is BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS latest scratch built Promotional Diorama depicting a very famous Zulu/British battle, using  toy soldiers from a  manufacturer named, FRONTLINE FIGURES. Please visit our web site for more photos.


by Nick Nasta

This is one of my scratch made, 1:35 scale dioramas made with Masterbox figures which I glued together and hand painted. This is one of my all time favorite creations. Enjoy! Don't forget to visit my web site, BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS which I share with my photographer and toy soldier collector friend at www.battlesceneproductions.net and visit the Photo Gallery to see all of our creations. Thanks for stopping by.



Diorama For Collectors Showcase

by Nick Nasta

This is a small section of BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS first Promotional Diorama for a company named, COLLECTORS SHOWCASE.

The World War Two Era German figures and vehicles are all made in 1:30 scale and are limited editions. I made the background buildings and smoke. I colored the smoke but then it was enhanced in the computer to give it a brighter look to it. Don't forget to vist our Photo Galleries which are located on our web site. www.battlesceneproductions.net

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BATTLE SCENE PRODUCTIONS creates some of the best promotional dioramas in the world for Toy Soldier manufacturers, dealers and the like.

Below are a small sample of some of the dioramas which me made for our clients such as Figarti Miniatures, Front Line Figures, King & Country, East of India, New Model Army, Figurine Emporium and so on.