Life size Ironman statue

Life Size Iron Man Statue

Everyone wishes they could be Tony Stark, the playboy genius that created Iron-man. He's had the women, the suit, the booze! What do you have? None of that my friend but that's all about to change thanks to Hollywood Collectibles Group:

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Space ShipBefore we get started with today's list it should be noted that it is meant for the entertainment of the children of the 80's. Anybody born after 1990 can move along, the adults are talking. So it's pretty much agreed the 80's had killer toys, far better than the junk today. OK, the detail of today is far superior but 80's toys were much more awesome. If you think this is debatable well then you can leave, 80's toy purists only. We are not here to discuss the action figures themselves but rather their playsets. Specifically the most rockin, most wanted playsets of the time.