What to consider when insuring your collection

by Moneysupermarket

From Dinky toys to old school video games, there's a collector for everything, with many spending large amounts of money on rare and one-of-a-kind items.

Whatever you have a collection of, be it model planes, toy cars or retro video games, such collections increase in value as they increase in size, and some will have extremely rare items within them.

So what can you do to ensure that your prized collectibles are sufficiently covered in the event of damage due to fire, floods and accidental damage? Here are a few helpful hints about securing your collection against your home insurance policy:

Protecting your collection – whatever it may be It doesn’t matter what your hobbies or interests are:- Cars, paintings, toys, whatever, if you have a collection of something, you know just how important it is to you that your pieces are kept in the best possible condition, and are kept as safe and protected as possible. Your collection most likely represents both a large financial and sentimental investment, and as a result keeping it all in A1 condition is likely hugely important.