A Vintage Gaming Machine with Plastic Norevs

by ModelCarFreak

It's been a while since I blogged but this is one I would not want to have missed sharing.

I was in London and saw this gallery sign and had to check it out!

Car Driving as an Art & some vintage diecast

by ModelCarFreak

Bought this lovely book called "Car Driving as an Art", a guide for learners from the early 50s.  It has lots of images and I scanned the ones with diecast.  Do you know what they are?

An unusal Duke Capri - a Tale of Toy Cars!

by ModelCarFreak

Take a 1981 Mk III Ford Capriand 4,342 mostly 3 inch cars and you get this:

The James R. Ford The General Carbuncle (his own words)

The Monkeemobile

The Monkeemobile is a modified Pontiac GTO that was designed and built by designer Dean Jeffries for Davy, Mickey, Pete and Mike or The Monkees - a pop-rock band and television program. The car features a tilted forward split two-piece windshield, a touring car T-bucket-type convertible.

The very first Corgi Newsletter

by ModelCarFreak

Founds this the other day and had to love, I thought I share it.  It just shows how far we got from type writer and single page B&W copying to desktop publishing.

Here scans of the only three pages:

The Amazing Donald Kaufman's Collection

by ModelCarFreak

Donald first co-founded K-B Toys  then sold it- and it seems took the money to concentrate on bulding his collection.

He collected for  nearly 60 years and accumulated more than 7,000 toys ranging from tin luxury vehicles to pedal cars.  It's all going to be sold by Bertoia with the first day of auction being tomorrow.