High Static Awards, By Rich Uravitch

At an event as long-standing and prestigious as Top Gun, you would expect to see a field of excellently executed model aircraft, with many of them falling into the “outstanding” category. Of the six classes, four are judged using detailed documentation packages submitted by the builder. These aircraft had the highest static scores in their respective categories. It’s interesting to note that the static score of both the first and second place finishers in Team was an incredible 99.423, just over a half point from a perfect 100!

Top Gun Part II - The world's greatest scale showdown

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Expert Class

This class is for contestants who build their own planes from kits produced in a factory or built from plans. These contestants go much further than just gluing a plane together. The amount of detail and craftsmanship is absolutely top-notch and as the name of the class implies, it takes a lot of experience to perform and fly at this level of competition. A Masters class builder can enter his airplane in the Expert class, but an Expert entry must remain in the Expert class. 

Top Gun Part I - The world's greatest scale showdown

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This year’s Masters winner was David Wigley with his consistently outstanding Westland Wyvern. Powered by a BME 102cc gas engine, his homemade counterrotating propeller setup uses one powered set of props and one freewheeling. His static score was an impressive 97.232 and his overall event-winning score was 194.357.