My German Cars Collection

by Milano

1928 BMW Dixi:

1993 Audi Cabrio:
1993 Audi Cabrio

Mercedes Benz Climo 1955:
Mercedes Benz Climo 1955



1936 to 1981 BMWs:
1936 to 1981 BMWs

Assorted Porsches:
Assorted Porsches

Assorted Volkswagens:
Assorted Volkswagens

Early Volkswagens:
Early Volkswagens

Mercedes Benz 1904 to 1933:
Mercedes Benz 1904 to 1933

Mercedes Benz 1935 to 1940:
Mercedes Benz 1935 to 1940

Mercedes Benz Trucks:
Mercedes Benz Trucks

Mercedes Benz van:
Mercedes Benz van


Some of my Cadillacs

by Milano

Here are some of my model Cadillacs:


Cadillac 1932

My Pontiac models

by Milano

Here is my Pontiac collection:


Pontiac 1953-1961

French, Italian and Spanish cars

by Milano

Here are some pictures of my French,  Italian and Spanich model cars:


1904-1982 assorted French makes

Find below some of my Buicks:

Buick 1941-1961

Some of my European and Japonese cars:


1970s Datsuns