Buby Argentina renault 18 rallie



In this time we present a rare Renault 18 by BUBY Argentina , 1/64 scale,  it was one of the last models with dark glasses and without detail in the interior, its were sold in blister pack and could  find them in toy stores and supermarkets also, we can see plastic decalls decorated, like Rally one . very dificult tofind with original packaging, I wait be of your pleasure,


batmobile Argentina Batman and Robin



Here we present 2 batmobiles produced in Argentina in 1967 the first one and 1971 the other ,and represent the Adam West and Burt Ward car,

Built in hard plastic and thin chasis, with friction powered in back wheels, me be an emblematic car for those years in Argentina. several names have its, "Murcielauto", Murcimovil, and more , its a very dificult to find car, Its were made in 1/18 scale, In a recently investigation we find a person who still have the original counterfoil, that was used to built the cars, We hope you like them!!

Buby Buick Century Serie Caballero


 Buick Serie caballero, Haroldo "buby" Mahler, begins the Buby  history in the year 1956, with the production of the first piece with the reference 1001, Buick Century 1957 AMBULANCE, then produced  reference 1000 or the same model but of street decoration, there are known nowadays different variants of the same one, of which we have corroborated its existence, in power of collectors, between them and the spread more knows,  street version , always in two colors: version ambulance, white and military, with the attaché of a plastic siren, in the front part of the ceiling, inside the least common we could see a firemen's red version totally with siren. Also curiously we have seen some whose chassis does not take inscriptions or aperece the abbreviation NOK, and though they possess metallic auto bodies they seem to be replies or prototipes with amazing seemed to the original ones, Here we can see one of them with ambulance decoration.

Buby .Solido Argentina diecast models


During the Argentina government of Onganía president, end of the1960 decade , the protectionist procedure of the country economy  were making very difficult the import of such articles as toys. By means of an agreement of cooparticipación between the Buby company and Solid company of France, they enter to the country by means of items of pieces of the miniatures scale 1/43, that the above mentioned French company was making to be painted and assembled locally in Argentina. They were models who were packed by means of the identification " Occurred Buby " and they were taking a trace to the water decall on the chassis, which it was saying " Made by Buby Industria Argentina " to separate them from the Frenchmen and like that to expire with the Argentine laws. The above mentioned models are estimated in the whole world since they appear in catalogues of Solido, being its principally attractively Buby's exclusive colors and wheels, here some models, I invite you to visit my web site to see more models built in Argentina and worldwideRENAULT 5 CARRERA,

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