Some of our Hand-Made Motors

by LeggendaePassione

The F40 Ferrari Motor

I have done this engine on a Pocher base using the transkit of the German Autograph of the friend of mine Uli and some parts of my racer engine. The result is an engine really aggressive and beautiful to see.

A Short History of Pocher-Rivarossi

by LeggendaePassione

Pocher Itala
Arnaldo Pocher was born in Trento on 23 September 1911, where he spent his infancy and first years of youth, and where he concluded his scholastic career by attending the school for goldsmith-engraver and started work in a goldsmith workshop. In 1932 he moved to Turin to carry out his trade.

In the first years of the post-war period he came into contact with railway modelling and in 1948/49 he realised his first production of some components for a Turinese store, followed in 1950/51 by train signals and platforms. In 1951/52 he founded the "Pocher Micromeccanica S.n.c." together with Corrado Muratore (who took care of the administrative and commercial duties) producing from 1952 train signals, platforms and points, using innovative production techniques.

Chassis nr. 860630
Engine nr. XK4960
4th place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1962
Drivers: Briggs Cunningham, Roy Salvadori