Sun Star's 1:12 models are amazing! The trafficators work, the windows wind up and down and the roofs on the conertibles fold up and down! There are Morris Minors: a Traveller, a Minor 2-door saloon, a convertible and a fabulous Minor 1,000,000 in authentic purple, VWs: Beetle, Beetle Cabrio & asorted T1 Transporters, plus Minis.

As promised, here's more from Revell!

In addition to great vehicle and plane kits, they also had some cool Limited Edition Star Wars tie-in kits on display. The Easi-Kit models snap together, so are ideal for younger builders, but don't lack for detail so shoud appeal to more sophisticated builders too.


I always like checking out the Bburago stand. Now powered by Maisto, of course, Bburago are going from strength to strength. They're working hard on the "toy" side of things with some models clearly aimed at kids and inspired by Cars, which might raise collectors' eyebrows a bit, but we need to get the next generation of collectors collecting and there was plenty else besides for us to feast our eyes on!

To start with, there was the Lamborghini Aventador in 1/18:

Baby's First Butcher Shop!

by LaToya

If you thought the Dinky Morris Capstan van was a controversial toy, how about this - it’s Baby’s First Butcher Shop - sent to me courtesy of my friends over at Collectors’ Weekly!

Much to show from Norev, so I'm going to be splitting it up here too! Here are the 1/18 road cars....

TC at the Buxton Toy Fair

by LaToya

Last Bank Holiday weekend we went to the Buxton Toy Fair, another great event from Barry Potter!