We are expecting a huge delivery from Hornby and Scalextric in the next 7 days.

Products have been slow coming since the New Year and the Chinese New Year all but stops production for 6-8 weeks. But the boats are arriving thick and fast now and there are many releases for Scalextric, we hope that there will be 7 new cars and there is about 203-30 products expected from the Hornby range. The most wanted Hornby item will be the Brighton Belle.

Whats in store for Scalextric 2012 releases

by LD Discounts

With Nuremburg over its the time of year where things start to settle down. We have visited Hornby/Scalextric for our yearly visit and had a chance to see all of this years releases.

You will notice to start with there is a reduction in the size of the Scalextric range this year. This is an attempt to catch up on the releases that did not make it in 2011. The problem has been ongoing for two + years with many cars not making to the shelves till spring the following year. This year we have received many of the delayed cars already with only a few left to be released. The main cars are the Bugatti Veyron and Mercedes twin pack C3169A.

Further to our previous blog post

We have just had an update from Scalextric over the releases
of the remaining Scalextric cars for the rest of the year. As normal they have not been
able to produce all the cars that were promised in the 2011 catalogue.

The following cars have all been rolled over to 2012

Aston Martin LMP1 Pro Performance Car expected 2012 * C3193
Audi R8 GT3 - expected 2012 * C3190
Audi R8 LMS Pro Performance Car expected 2012 * C3192
Austin Mini (Police) - expected 2012 * C3213
Bugatti Veyron - expected 2012 * C3173
Bugatti Veyron - expected 2012 * C3199
Camaro 1970-1973 - expected 2012 * C3219
Classic Lotus 7 - expected 2012 * C3207
Ford Escort MK1 - expected 2012 * C3212
Holden L34 Torana - expected 2012 * C3214
Hypercars (Mercedes & Bugatti) LTD - expected 2012 *
Jaguar D-Type - expected 2012 * C3205
Mercedes Benz 722 GT - expected 2012 * C3191
Porsche 911 - expected 2012 * C3194
Porsche RS Spyder - expected 2012 * C3197

There are few cars that I was looking forward to seeing, I guess I’ll just have to wait till 2012.

It seems that we post the same message every year on this blog. I should copy past last year’s post and change 2011 to 2012.....

We have been informed that there are going to be a large number of Scalextric cars and Hornby trains that are not going to make it to the shelves in 2011. As yet we have not have confirmation of the exact cars and trains that are going to be affected but as soon as we have information we notify you.

We have had details from the rep that next year they are reducing their range of cars that are going to be released in 2012 as an attempt to rectify the problems that they have been experiencing over the past 3-5 years. We hope that with a more realistic set of releases there will be fewer problems with release dates as we would think that 50%-75% of this year’s releases did not even make it in the correct quarter date that they were meant to arrive.

It has been a long time coming but the Scalextric start C8528 lap counter has finally arrived.

Since the creation of Scalextric Start the one fatal floor in the product was that there was not a lap counter for the sets. The problem was that the Scalextric Start cars have a slightly shorter depth of guide for no apparent reason. This prevented the cars registering a lap on the Scalextric Sports lap counter C8215 as the guide did not move the detector a sufficient amount to confirm laps every time the cars passed the lap counter.

With Scalextric Start be around for nearly two years we feel it has taken a lot away from a good product as everyone who has a slot car track want to race and without a reliable lap counter the fun is taken away from the racing.

With the same old story of supply problems with Hornby and Scalextric in 2011, its pleasing that finally the year’s top releases are making their way to suppliers shelf’s in June.

Scalextric have released the MG MGB C3143 car, it’s one of the two top releases of the year. We are suitably impressed with the finish of the car. The interior is finishes very well as well as the external details. If you were looking to race the car then you may find it a little hard to get it anywhere near you lap records due to the very skinny tyres that are on the car. We wonder is Scalextric could have sacrificed a little scale details and fitted some wider tyres on the car, but that’s the double edged sword they have to play with. Collectors are looking for accurate scale and details and racers wanting track performance. We would say that with this car the collectors get the better deal with the MG.