We recently met friends in Ghent, Belgium which was very worthwhile.  Not only was their a flea market on where i bought some 30 Viewmaster reels but also found "Toys & Things" which was a shop in the Antiek-Depot.  Great choice, not only in the shop but through the depot as well which consisted of other antique dealers.

When visiting Collect-Hit the other week I picked up a leaflet of the Le Musée du Jouet de Bruxelles and when going back for something else a week later I thought it would be good to go see it.

The museum is located in a beautiful 1900 family mansion and has toys from the 1830 to today.  More than 30,000 items and as it seems increasing daily (donations of toys old and new were delivered by members of the public while I visited!).  Toys are everywhere over three floors: in beautiful cabinets, on the walls, on the floor and whereever there is room!

Since we were told it would be a rainy day we thought we check out a Medieval Castle instead of the beach during the last family trip to Normandy, France.  While driving along we see the marvellous Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent!

Celebrating 20 years Wiesmann!

by Joschik

While I thought they were founded in 1985 by brothers Martin, an engineer, and Friedhelm, a businessman, they are just celebrating their 20th anniversary.  They got started building hardtops for convertibles. In 1993, however, the Brothers Wiesmann came out with their own vehicle curvaceous and retro-tastic coupe and roadster.  Above Siku's version in orange.  Ricardo also wrote a fun article on some Revell models here.  Some years back (before having children) I was getting excited and got the then catalogue.

Norman's Old Toy Soldier Show

by Joschik


Time is flying by and it already two Saturdays ago that I went to Norman's alreay traditional show in London (last Saturday I wend to the Dinky Toys Collectors Association Annual Meet-up in Derby that was equally splendid).

I took some photos of some of the dealers whose stalls I always check (although they will complain that I rarely buy anything).

Read about this today and thought this could become a very useful tool. The detailed service records of 250,000 medieval soldiers have gone online. The database of those who fought in the Hundred Years War reveals salaries, sickness records and who was knighted.