JSC 007 Askold, Novgorod

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Novgorod - the world's strangest ship !!!
The project of the ship was presented at the end of 1871 by admiral Andrey Alexandrovich Popov. Unfortunatelly the construction turned out to be unsuccesful. Seaworthiness was very poor and the speed was very low.
Novgorod was never used in a battle.

(on the photos there is a prototype) was a Russian cruiser. She took part in first Japanese-Russian war. Later Askold took part in a numerous operations during WW1 including the Dardanelle one.
In 1922 sold for scrapping in Hamburg.

JSC 105 Centaur II

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The tug Centaur II was built few years ago in Gdansk, Poland. You can spot it in Gdynia harbour, Poland.

Centaur II
can be used for towing, piloting, fire extinguishing and assisting the ships in ports and on Baltic sea, also in average ice conditions.

The paper model is to scale 1 : 100. This scale allows model to be very detailed. Just look at the Wheelhouse! It doesn't show in a picture, but in the model there is a coffee mug which you can put on the desk in a wheelhouse :)

JSC 017 Mikasa

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Battleship Mikasa was launched and christened in 1900. She was christen by baroness Hayashi, wife of Japanese ambassador in Great Britain.

JSC 297 Hirta

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Fishery Protection Vessel Hirta was built in Gdansk, Poland. The ship was named and launched on 17 August 2007. Hirta was handed over to the owner in May 2008.
Hirta operates around Scotland and on the fisheries of north-east Atlantic. Her task is to make sure that the fishery laws (British, European Union and international ones) are obeyed in order to preserve maritime resources and ecological balance.

JSC 295 THV Galatea

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Galatea was built in Gdansk, Poland and launched on 26. July 2006.
The tender was designed to fulfil all tasks connected with service, overhaul and buoy replacement all over the year. Moreover Galatea can do many tasks on high sea - such as towing, hydrographical search, wreck marking, staff and equipment transport. She can also be used as a base for other operating units and helicopters.
THV Galatea was named by Her Majesty The Queen Elisabeth II. The ceremony took place on 17 October 2007 on the River Thames. THV Galatea was berthed side-to-side with HMS Belfast.
THV Galatea was named on untypical way - not straight after launching, but after commissioning and coming from Poland to London.

Galatea zostala zbudowana w Stoczni Po…€šnocnej w Gdansku i zwodowana 26 lipca 2006 r.
Statek zostal zaprojektowany tak, aby sprostac wszelkim zadaniom zwiazanym z obs…€šuga, remontami i wymiana boi przez ca…€šy rok. Oprocz tego Galatea moze wykonywac rozne zadania na pe…€šnym morzu - holowania, badania hydrograficzne, znakowanie wrakow, transport personelu i sprzetu. Moze tez s…€šuzyc jako baza do prac wykonywanych przez inne jednostki oraz helikoptery.
THV Galatea zostala ochrzczona przez sama krolowa brytyjska Elzbiete II. Uroczystosc odbyla sie na Tamizie w Londynie 17 pazdziernika 2007 r.  THV Galatea zacumowa…€ša burta w burte z HMS Belfast.
Sytuacja by…€ša dosc nietypowa, poniewaz Galatea nie zostala ochrzczona od razu po wodowaniu, tylko po ukonczeniu budowy i dop…€šynieciu z Gdanska do Londynu.

JSC 401 Aircraft Carrier Weser

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On 18 August 1942 the plan of rebuilding Seydlitz to an aircraft carrier Weser was presented to Hitler. It is worth mentioning that the ship wasn't renamed and the name "Weser" appeared only in the documentation of the carrier. Until December 1942 some constructions were taken down and the rebuilding was stopped once more. In the beginning of April 1944 the ship was towed to Königsberg (Kaliningrad) to serve as an accommodation hulk. She was sunk before the fall of Königsberg. The Russians raised the wreck and in 1947 she was scrapped.