i want to share sample and compare the original than fake one,all different cast of base plate betwen original and fake. All original tomica VW microbus have weight 49 gr and fake have weight only 46 gr ( there have difference 3 gram )

i Compare 22 original varian of tomica VW microbus than 5 tomica vw microbus fake , 22 original VW have same material casting,same weight each other but different than 5 tomica VW microbus  fake ( 5 tomicas fake same weight ,same casting each other)

this picture of mr.Konnomura made tomica daihatsu midget his variation with his signed.

This produced at 2000 year

I would share tomica VW beetle Variation  (ALL VW BEETLE TOMICA I SHOWN THIS PAGE WAS 100% ORIGINAL):

Past and present model tomica

by Gunawan

After 35 years first issue at 1976 tomica made new model of hellicopter  fill the tomica collection, this model is #24 Kawasaki BK 117 C-2 Hellicopter ( issue at june 2011) made in vietnam

Realeased at July 2011 this series have 4 models CN01 Toyota camry,CN03 Mitsubishishi EVO X , CN05 and CN06 Nissan farilady Z , i don't know why tomica not produced CN02 and CN 04 at same time .  according to the news i heard CN02 and CN04 are  taxi toyota camry and mitsubishi evo x police Hong kong.

Cars disney collection by tomica

by Gunawan

From another disney film ,tomica made some model  at 2006  ,  3 model ( first cars disney) Lightning Mqueen! ,tomica put in D collection ( id disney , see the picture box is D23-24 an D32)

D-24 short time production ,now it'shard find