A unique Service Set

by FordMotorsport

A unique  model set of Henry Liddons Escort RS1600 that won the 1974 RAC Rally complete with its Transit service van and trailer.  The Transit service van is accurate right down to the number plates.  Don't go looking for this model set as it is strictly one off and unlikely to be repeated.


After 3 Years of looking

by FordMotorsport


 Finally after 3 years of looking I have found an undamaged example ( 37th model I have seen) of this Sierra.

It is the Brooklyn Motor Sport pink Sierra Cosworth that won the 1989 British Midland Ulster Rally, driven by Gwynaf Evans and Howard Davies

This is a Motor-pro model which were made in Nottingham but the quality of these models varied widely from good to aweful.  The paint finish was very slapdash at the best of times and the decals do not age well if the model has not been properly protected from sunlight and damp.  I had almost given up finding a decent example as every model I looked at had varying degrees of damage and decal loss then I came across this one.  Never opened since it was completed, all decals intact, complete with certificate and the mint presentation box.  Does not really compare with todays models but one model that has been missing from my collection for a long while.


Bertie Fisher's Escort MK2

by FordMotorsport

A rare model of the late Bertie Fisher's Escort MK2 from the 1982 Ulster Rally which was Berties first Tarmac championship win.

This is a numbered limited edition 43 of 150 lomg since sold out.

You can watch a clip of the rally here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGxYhJGpnKI

Colin McRaes Escort MK2

by FordMotorsport

 A superb model of Colin McRae's Escort MK2 shortly before his tragic death

Colin McRae and Campbell Roy retired on special stage 14 with mechanical problems in the RBS International Manx Rally 2007.

Watch a clip of the car in action Here.

A Very Rare Model

by FordMotorsport

A very rare handbuilt model of Hans Heyer's‚   Group 4‚   Zakspeed‚   Ford Escort from the Hockenheim round of the 1976 DRM

This is a real handbuilt model from conception through to final completion which is a far cry from the Chinese mass produced models of today.‚   It was produced by Grand Prix Models in the late 1970's under the brand name Serie'76.‚  ‚   I found it complete with original box and all the paper work.‚   There are hand drawn sketchs of the actual cars, history etc and a complete list of the names of the production team, Master Modeller, Casting, Decals etc.‚   When did you last see a company list the complete team which designed and built a model?‚  ‚  ‚   It is cast in white metal and for its age is in superb condition with no wear or damage, I know the detail cannot compare with modern diecast models but this is a real piece of‚   Model Motorsport history.


Zakspeed Escort Group 5

by FordMotorsport

 A pair of  Scala 43 handbuilt Zakspeed Group 5 Escorts 

Scala 43 produce crisply cast resin kits with particularly fine panel engraving, white metal ancillaries and some of the best photo-etching you will see. Hand-built models beautifully finished with flawless paint and finely applied details. Made in Germany