Frontline Figures are Marvelous

by Fitzpimlico

Today I want to introduce Frontline Figures.

Started in 1983 by Gerard Prime and Howard Swales the company only produces in 54mm high or 1/32rd scale.

 Ferrero sells these eggs all over the world since 30 years and there are apparently 5,000 variations. 5 years the collecting of these went absolutely tulip, mostly in Germany - with a lot of people loosing serious money. Items could fetch up to £300 each! I believe today only the Wiking imitations and these metal figures are worth considering.


All subjects and in great detail

(The fine) Tradition of London Figures

by Fitzpimlico

Tradition of London Logo The company was founded nearly half a century ago by Roy Belmont Maitland as Norman Newton Ltd. Initially they produced unique 54mm animated figures a range of custom made figures still in production today to customers exact requirements. These figures were sculpted by Chas Stadden who later added an extensive range of 30mm and 90mm figures.

Around 1964 the company started publishing a magazine on military uniforms which went under the title of Tradition and following the magazine, the model soldier range and their shop in Mayfair, London were similarly named. Many leading military authors and artists, past and present, were at the time contributors to Tradition magazine, which unfortunately ceased publication in 1974. However, over the years the ranges of model solders were continually being expanded, with the masters being sculpted by Jeff Willis, Ron Cameron, Alan Caton, Clive Knight, David Scheinmann and Andrew Stadden. In 1980 the toy soldier range was introduced, sculpted by David Scheinmann, which from modest beginnings has expanded to a good range covering many popular subjects and periods of military history.

Here the Royal Artillery, Set no. 58 as Gordon Relief Expedition 1884 (an officer and four Gunners leading pack camels bearing screw gun, two palm trees and two Arab boys)

Wm. Hocker's Fantastic Metal Toy Soldiers

by Fitzpimlico

Wm. Hocker Logo Just came across this company through their website . Event their logo is fantastic!

Here their Royal Engineers Balloon Section in 16 pieces.

The Story of the Smurfs

by Fitzpimlico

There are now more than 400 different figures and lots of assecorie:

But here how it all started:

Starlux - The Gallic W Britains

by Fitzpimlico

French Paratrooper by StarluxAfter a long break we are going to France today. Like Elastolin and Lineol in Germany, Durso in Belgium and Nardi in Italy Starlux of France originally produced composition figures. Teh company was founded 1945 by Pierre Beffara who had earlier worked with Tarroux (will be a later blog that I am still working on).

I am focusing today on their later plastic production when Starlux from its base in Pĩrigueux began to issue injection molded plastic figures in 20mm, 40mm and 60mm scales. The company was quite prolific and offered a very diverse range.