Collecting Toy Elephants

by EverythingElephants

Space Robot ElephantToy elephants?! No, I do not mean a very small species of live elephant, but elephants made by toy makers to be played with. You see, I wrote the first book on elephant collectibles called: Everything Elephants: A Collector's Pictorial Encyclopedia" published by Schiffer Publishing LTD. As I collected information and images about elephant collectibles for my encyclopedia, I noticed that elephants made specifically as toys are quite numerous, so I created three categories (out of the 140 categories in the encyclopedia) to hold them: Puzzles, Stuffed Elephants and Toys & Games. In those three categories there are hundreds if not thousands of examples and no single article can show them all. However, I hope to give you a flavor of the variety of elephant toys available for the toy and elephant collector alike.