Howdens Joinery Co. 7v Truck

by CorgiPremiums

7v Truck - Howdens Joinery Co.

Model Number: LP06530
Tooling: DG100
Year produced: 2010
Quantity: 25,000 pieces, limited edition
Scale: Fit the Box
Distribution: Trade sales initiative
How to buy: N/A

2010 Releases... Royal Mail Morris Minor Van

by CorgiPremiums

Morris Minor Van - Royal Mail

Model Number: LP06533
Tooling: VA011
Year produced: 2010
Quantity: 2,000 pieces, non-limited
Scale: 1:43
Distribution: Atlas Editions Partworks test product for UK territory
How to buy: More information at

Railton Mobil Special - Enfield Pageant 2010

Model Number: LP06529
Tooling: PM110
Year produced: 2010
Quantity: 1,250 pieces, non-limited
Scale: Fit the Box
Distribution: Sold via Enfield website and at 2010 Pageant event
How to buy: Email [email protected] or visit

Toy Superhauler - Eddie Stobart


Foden S2 - Carters Circus

by CorgiPremiums

Foden S2 including Ballast Box with Flatbed Trailer and Load - Carters Circus


Ford Escort Mk1 - Chiltern Hills