Flight Recorder - Keeping their memory bright

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AA32618 Avro Lancaster B MkI LM220, RAF 9 Sqn., ‘Getting Younger Every Day’. Flight Recorder hears from Mr George Tweddle, brother of the late Douglas Tweddle, DFC - one of the crew of this particular WWII aircraft, with some amazing and heroic memories. His account brings our forthcoming model to life in a truly inspiring fashion.

It was with surprise and pleasure that on opening the March edition of FlyPast magazine, I saw the Corgi Aviation Archive announcement regarding the forthcoming release of the Lancaster from RAF 9 Sqn. This is the very aircraft that one of my elder brothers, Flt. Lt William Douglas Tweddle and his crew flew on the majority of their thirty-seven operations. To my knowledge, as of last year, there were three of the crew still with us, though now all very elderly and frail.

Produced from 1971 through to 1974, Corgi records show the company released 287,000 of the 807 ‘Dougal’s Car. It was the first to be produced from the “Magic Roundabout” set, which I’m sure we can all remember from our childhood.

Eddie Stobart 40th Anniversary 1970 - 2010

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by Geoff Milne

Corgi Collector Club members may recall a short series of features on this iconic haulage company, spread over four editions of the Club magazine in 2007. To coincide with the company's 40th Anniversary celebrations this year - and especially in view of the release of the Corgi Commemorative Set, I thought it might be an appropriate time to delve into my photographic archives once again.

The Blue Brothers

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A brief history of the Gallachers by Geoff Milne

It was back in 1971 that Paddy Gallacher started up in business as an owner-driver. His first lorry was a second-hand Albion Clydesdale 4-wheel tipper with the LAD (Leyland Albion Dodge) cab and it was painted blue. The main traffic in the early days was coal, at a time when the North East of England still had a number of working pits. But almost anything that could be moved in bulk was carried, perhaps the most unusual of which was sprats! The Albion carried the name ‘Elizabeth' after Paddy's mother.

Mini Mania 2010

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Corgi have had a long association with the iconic Mini since its inception in 1959. In recent years, the company has also worked in close collaboration with the Mini Se7en Club to reproduce some of the spectacular racing variants, as driven by Mini Se7en and Mini Miglia contenders. 2009 saw the Mini marking its 50th birthday with year long celebrations. However, this year also promises some exciting racing events at key circuits throughout the country and we will be following them with interest.

Our 2010 Mini Mania series of 1:36 scale Limited Edition Corgi models includes CC82270 the Mini Se7en Racing car, driven by Kane Aston. In his early 30s, Kane, a company director from Cambridge, won the 2009 Mini Se7en Championship in the car which Corgi are releasing in model form in April. His performance to date includes 4 wins, 2 second places and 3 third place finishes. His title-winning car was built in 2007. A year later, he achieved third place overall in the championship, as well as a lap record on the Pembrey circuit in West Wales. As 2009 Champion in his No.3 car, Kane now starts the 2010 season as Car No.1. Later on, he will be racing on his favourite circuit - Castle Combe in Wiltshire.

The Mini Se7en Racing Club boasts huge grids of race cars and has an excellent Club membership. During the season, the drivers are naturally on the circuit for the whole weekend, giving supporters an ideal opportunity to learn a lot about the sport and what is involved - in a very friendly atmosphere. The racing rules stipulate the permitted modifications to the cars, resulting in equally matched machines on the track. The rules also enable would be racers to achieve the car's development, even on a tight budget.


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We look back at the exclusive and free annual Club models we have commissioned since our 1st Anniversary in August 1985.

The first model Corgi produced for the adult market back in 1984 was the 1:43 scale Thornycroft Box Van. It proved an instant hit, despite the fact that it contained no opening features. The model lent itself to tooling modifications that extended its life for years to come. These included spoked or solid wheels, an open back, closed back or ‘canvas' moulded tilt, as well as versions with a windscreen or open front. By changing the radiator mould and the windscreen format, the model was transformed into either a Renault or Mack truck, which added further to its livery potential.

The first Corgi Collector Club model available to Club members was the 1:43 scale C832 Thornycroft Box Van, decorated in a Club branded livery, denoting our First Anniversary in August 1985. There was - inevitably but by accident - a variation which occurred on a second production run. The membership had grown to such an extent we had underestimated demand. The production plates had to be remade and the artwork provided the address in a different format from the first run. One featured the address incorrectly stated as Fforestfach Industrial Estate in a block format at the bottom of the left hand side of the van, whereas the second variation carried the correct address - Swansea Industrial Estate - this time in a line along the side of the van.

Celebrating out 2nd Anniversary in 1986, we used another piece of new Corgi tooling used as our free Club model. The delicate Model T Ford came decorated as C874 in yellow with a blue roof. It also proved very popular but we encountered a large number of returns, as the front axle was so fine, the wheels were inclined to shear off in transit. The model was also presented in the new grey Corgi Classics packaging, this time with a Limited Edition sticker across the right hand bottom corner.