Most Expensive Action Figure/Toy Soldier In The World

by CoolCollectableToys

Don Levin joined Hasbro in 1956, he became Vice President and Director of Marketing and Development of Hasbro in 1963. Part of his job was to find and develop new toy concepts. He met with a man called Stan Weston regarding his idea for a toy that would feature Military themes and accessories. Weston suggested that the figure in question would be poseable. When Don Levin left Stan Weston's office he noticed in a display window of an artist store wooden articulated artists mannequins. Suddenly it became apparent to Levin that he could create something truly magnificent if there was a way to produce figures that moved and posed.

Military service helped Don Levin with the concept of GI Joe and the name was taken from the war movie "The Story Of Gi joe" that was made in 1945. Levin apparently created his toy soldier on his table tennis table. The action figure was 11.5 inches in height and had 21 moveable parts. Also had a hand stiched Sergeants uniform.

This prototype that Don Levin created was sold to Baltimore Bussiness man Stephen Geppi on August 2003 during an auction by Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas for 200,00,00 USD. This to date is the most expensive Action Figure in the world.