Kinder Toys - Nice people!

by ComaCalm

I recently bought two detectives from ebay (not actual detective, it's a type of Kinder Toy XD). Looking at what the seller was umm.. selling I guessed they were a collector so I asked them. They asked me which toys I was looking for and I told them that in particular I wanted the Beach Ghost (DE018). So guess what? They sent me the beach ghost free! Turns out they liked my site. I've since exchanged toys with them, and nearly completed all of the DE set that's being released in
England ^^

I would create more blogs and write more but it's impossible to get people to reply on here.  So I might just stop making them at some point...

Happy ignoring,

Vickie :) 

Kinder Toys - 1980's

by ComaCalm

Hi again! Just some more babbling then I'll leave you all alone!

Hope everyone's having a nice day!

Kinder toys released in the 1980's tend not to have a code number on them, which makes it very difficult to know what year they are from. However, fear not! There is a catalogue out that lists every Kinder toy released from the beginning to now. I just bought myself a copy, set me back about £20. Yes, really. Worth it for over 1500 full colour pages though.

Kinder Toys - Learn something new!

by ComaCalm

Site is updated again but I thought I'd add some info about Kinder Toys, just in case there's anyone that has no idea what they are!

So, Just What Are Kinders?

Kinder Toys come in a small yellow pod, located in a Kinder Surprise Candy egg. They originated in 1972 and manufactured in Germany. Because of this Germany gets the best toys (even though the toys are manufactured in various countries now). There are collectors in practically every part of the world. Collectors collect various things in Kinder Surprise. Some only collect Hand-painted Kinders (that little guy eating a pumpkin above is one example, for more see Kinder Toys I Have then Handpainted), some only collect Metal figures (more about those later), some try to collect every variant of Kinder toy (more about those later too) and every variant of BPZ or Paper. Then there are Kinder collectors like me, who just try and collect the ones they like.

Kinder Toys - WooHoo!

by ComaCalm

Site is finally updated! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I have decided against scanning the papers onto the net for now, as I still haven't received the scanner. Please do view my site and let  me know of any ways to improve it or just what you generally think of it!

Happy Collecting, Vickie. 

Kinder Toys - Buying in bulk

by ComaCalm

Strange title I know. I've bought two lots of Kinder Toys recently. One was a mass bundle thrown together and the other was clearly from someone who collected them for years.

The first bundle I have received this morning. It was okay... but there was a LOT of pieces that were damaged, pieces with parts missing, pieces that weren't kinder and pieces that looked like a dog had chewed them or someone had literally sawn parts of... But I did get some Kinders that were quite nice! A couple of sheep, a Hermit crab for a set I'm trying to complete, some Ice Age figures, some shrek and some of the painty ten! I would add pictures but I find them difficult to add on this site. If anyone has any tips on how to I'd be grateful!

So, the next lot I bought were carefully arranged on a table, and they are stated to be from the 80's/90's. They seem to be very well looked after. I haven't received those yet, so I'll write another blog when I receive them and tell you about those! 

Happy Collecting!


Kinder Toys - New Trader?

by ComaCalm

I worry about anyone asking me to trade with them, there's so many people scamming people these days. My first trade, however went smoothly. I swapped Rod Rabbit for Roy Rock (I've just noticed that they both start with the letter R) with no problems. I now have a potential second trader. His name is Vlad and he's from... Romania... Yeah, I'm not sure of I believe his name either... BUT! I have a foolproof system! I'm not sending my Kinders until I receive theirs. So hopefully I'll have less chance of being scammed or something...

Anyone had bad experiences with traders? Let me know! I'm starting to wonder if you guys don;t know how to use a comments box... I've had hundreds of hits yet only one comment of all my blogs. One!

Happy collecting, Vickie.