In July 2008 we sold this extremely rare and fine builder's mirror-backed half model of the passenger paddle steamer Tantallon Castle.

Prior to that the vessel had an astonishing four other names - the ex-Westonia, the ex-Rhos Colwyn, the ex-Sussex Belle and the ex-Tintern.


Modelled by G. Procacci Naval Modello, Genova, with carved hull, lined paper decks, painted superstructure, poolside loungers and parasols, funnels with company livery, communication masts and rigging, set on a cut-out Plexiglas sea on wooden display base with name and maker's plates with period Plexiglas cover -- 12 x 41in. (30.5 x 104cm.)

Modelled by Donald Mc Narry after the original now in the national collection at Greenwich, with carved, scored and painted hull festooned with elaborate gilt work decoration along the bulwarks terminating in the Company's stern badge, fully-fitted and painted interior including two bundles of decorated oars, state cabin covered with a red-painted roof lined with banners and carved and gilt pairs of lions, cattle and sheep, the prow flying the Company Standard, mounted within a glazed display case with maker's plaques -- 4¾ x 10¾ x 3¾in. (12.4 x 27.5 x 9.5cm.) overall.


1:96 Scale Navy Board-Style Model

by CharlesMillerLtd

An exceptional fruit and boxwood carved and gilt 1:96 Scale Navy Board-Style Model Of The First Rate 100 Ship-Of-The-Line Britania (1682) with open frames below the ebony main wales, hinged gun port lids painted Venetian red internally, fully carved scheme including figurehead in the form of King Charles II dressed as a Roman warrior riding a horse, caryatids, wreathed gun ports on upper decks, lavishly worked stern and quarter galleries with mica glazing and lamps, internal carved and glazed galleries, deck steps and belfry, bound masts with hand-wound rigging assembled as in working practice and much other fine detailing, loosely mounted on polished kingwood base with carved and gilt dolphin supports and name plaque. Overall measurements including base -- 27 x 27in. (68.5 x 68.5cm.); carry box; data.


1:192 Scale Waterline Model

by CharlesMillerLtd

A well-presented and finely detailed 1:192 scale Waterline Model of H.M.S Ajax as Fitted in 1939, modelled by John R. Haynes, with bespoke preformed hull, lined decks complete with highly detailed fittings and armament including studded chain, deck rails, superstructure with carley floats, bridge complete with telegraph, binnacles etc., search lamps, rangefinder, fitted ship's boats and assorted launches and other much fine detailing, set on a moulded and painted seascape within metal-bound glazed case, overall measurements -- 11¼ x 40¼ x 8½in. (28.5 x 102 x 22cm.)


74-Four Gun Ship Vanguard

by CharlesMillerLtd

A highly detailed, Planked and framed ¼":1' scale model of the 74-Four Gun Ship Vanguard as fitted for Lord Nelson, prior to the Battle of the Nile 1798, researched and modelled by Charles d'Clinton in boxwood with fully framed port side and semi-planked and framed starboard side, carved and gilt figurehead, stern carvings and gun whale trophies, with semi-planked deck exposing internal framing with details including stove, belfry, capstan, shot racks, cannons in trucks, deck lights, companionways etc., bound masts, yards with s'tuns'l booms, hand-wound standing and running rigging with sheathed blocks with fully fitted longboats being slung out, and a number of finely modelled crew including Nelson and marines going about their duties, mounted on a light oak panel with side brace, overall measurements --52 x 64 x 26in. (132 x 162.5 x 66cm.); together with framed details and 'gold' certificate from the Model Engineer Exhibition, videos and photographs of construction.