Bayko 47 - Chinless Station

by Bilfred


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Chinless Station the new wrought iron and glass terminus of the Chinless Railway Co. to serve the new suburbs that railway has made possible

Bayko 46

Palais de Faux

(Chateau D'If part 2)

The palace of Faux, creation of Fouquet, young King Louis' Minister of Finance

Bayko 42 - Chateau D'If

by Bilfred

Chateau D'If

The Musketeers last huzzah!

The gardens of the Louvre, Queen Anne meets with the only four men she can truly trust - her Regency is about to end and she fears for the future of France in the hands of her feckless son, Louis.

A few days later the gallant four find quarters at the Auberge Debarry on the Marseilles Road - from whose upper windows they can snatch a glimpse of their distant objective


by Bilfred

Vezelay En Lancre

Vezelay a town divided, like many in King Louis' France, between Huguenot and Catholic

Today it is market day, a special occassion when rivalries can be temporarily set aside

Outside St Etienne's the stall are already doing a brisk trade

Bayko 45

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Bayko 44

'La Hachada'