My Ships and Airplanes

by AntiqueTinToys

These models are part of my ship and airplane collection:

Late 1940's, marked "Made in US Zone Germany" , 13 inches (33cm) Arnold (Germany) Ocean Liner, like new,original decal, clockwork motor.

My German Military Tin Toys

by AntiqueTinToys

These models are part of the German tin toy history, I always love them, here some of my collection:

Duscha Halftrack, with detacheable machine gun and bridges, opening hatches forward and rear,all metal with steel tracks

Schuco Disney Monorails

by AntiqueTinToys

Always love the Disneyland Monorails from Schuco, they are almost as much fun as it was to be on the original monorail (do you remember?).  Here they are:


Tin Toy Motorcycles from the Golden Period

by AntiqueTinToys

Here some of my collection:

Arnold Mac 700 Motorcycle produced in the US Zone Germany - it has multiple programs, the rider idles the motorcycle , revvs up the engine, drives in a half circle, stops, dismounts by swinging right leg over the saddle, remounts, revvs up the engine and takes off again, all windup driven through a very complex internal mechanism