Cararama chassis

by antonioradondo

Cararama is a diecast model car manufacturer owned by Hongwell, a Hong Kong car maker. They have made a few models of Formula one- like cars which are not valued highly in comparison to other car makers, as the design is rather rough. They also didnt have the rights to put original advertisement, although some of the liveries are painted exaclty as the real F1 cars.

Cars are in a bt strange 1/50 scale, which is quite rare for F1 cars, so they are a bit bigger than other models in my collection. They however run pretty well, especially after a small "adjustments" which I have made to the front wings, which used to scratch the surface when the car was moving.

In my collection there are 6 Cararama models:

Bburago - Red Bull chassis

by antonioradondo

Bburago Red Bull chassis

Bburago is an Italian model car manufacturer, focusing mailny on 1/18 or 1/24 scales. They have however recenlty issued a F1 car in 1/64 scale and it happened to be the Red Bull RB10 from 2014 (I think I saw someone posting this one earlier on Planet Diecast as well)

The model looks great – visually it’s one of the best I have seen. Thanks to big amount of details, the livery looks just like the original one. The car has also rubber tyres, just like SIKU cars do, which is quite rare. But the problem is that the car is slow!!! It is very light, so does not build up speed going down the ramp and the wheels dont roll too well, as if a handbreak was on all the time. What a shame, cause otherwise it would have been a gem.

Yatming (imitation) - BRM 1974 chassis

by antonioradondo

Yatming Brabham 1974 chassis

I dont have any proof that this car is mad by Yatming, as there is nothing written on the back of the floor. However when I was looking in the internet, I found some photos of Yatming cars which look almost identically to this one. It is probably some cheap Yatming imitation, but nevertheless, from the lack of other nomenclature I am calling it a Yatming car.

The design is based on the F1 BRM P201 model form 1974. It has its typical wide, spade-like front wing and an open engine at the back of the car. Its made from thin metal, therefore its very light and does not go too far when riding down the ramp.

SIKU - Rennwagen chassis

by antonioradondo

Rennwagen chassis

SIKU is a German company and they have released a Formula 1 car model chassis called Rennwagen, which simply means a racing car. The scale is 1/55 so its slighlty bigger than Majorette or Hot Wheels and, as one can expect from a German manufacturer, is very solid and looks really nice. Its made from plastic mainly, has a driver, like Hot Wheels cars, and has one additional feature which makes it really special – its the rubber wheels!

Yes, real rubber tyres. With a tyre tread. This is a completely different story, isnt it? All other cars have plastic wheels, which have little traction and slide more or less on every surface. This car is the first one to actually have some grip! It will not spin around, but will run straight ahead and far away.

Majorette - F1 200 series

by antonioradondo

Majorette F1 200 series, nr 238 chassis

All Majorette F1 cars which come from the so called 200 series are quite similar, yet there are some differences between them. Nr 238 car was designed in early 90’s (1992/1993) and has metal front wing, but plastic rear wing (in other models both wings are made from plastic). Car looks very close to Alfa Romeo 184T from 1985 F1 season, with characteristic hollow in the side pod.

In my collection there are 5 models with this chassis:

Hot Wheels - McDonalds chassis

by antonioradondo

McDonalds chassis

This car comes from the Happy Meal lunch box. The design is a bit futuristic, yet still I count it as a F1-like single-seater car. The most interesting parts are the 4 big airboxes situated behind the driver – looks like the McDo’s engine requires huge cooling…

The car is the only one without a driver from my HotWheels collection. It is made from metal and plastic, as other cars, but is a bit bigger in lenght (but not heavier). Its wheels are a bit more loose than in other cars, so its a bit more unpredictable and often turns slightly left.