A guide to proper conduct in our Forums

Further to this Site's Member Agreement and the Privacy Policy (see for links to both in the Footer Menu) we have set-up eight simple rules:

  1. Be Nice. Don’t make arguments or debates personal or make fun of other members’ posts or likes/dislikes. Please also remember that there’s a difference between differences of opinion and personal attacks. Don’t start flame wars* or engage with trolls** - report these to the moderators so they can deal with them properly.
  2. No profanity or adult language. This is a family-friendly site.
  3. Please no Fillers. It’s not always possible, but please try and keep one or two-word posts to a minimum, and don’t just post smilies. Also, please don’t use excessive punctuation, all-caps or excessive amounts of loud speak. Also, please do not just post one line and a link to another site. The forums are here to share discussions on this site - if you have something you would like to share with our community, please do so here.
  4. Please try and keep things in their correct place. Planet Diecast has lots of different features, including many forums, as well as the blogs, blog comments, personal galleries, yellow pages, etc. Please take advantage of all of these when deciding where to post your comment/ad/discussion/photos. We are totally open to developing the site, seeing how it grows and adapting accordingly, but it’s in everyone’s interest to keep things as tidy as possible. For instance, if your blog entry sparks off a passionate debate, why not start a forum thread about it rather than carrying on a long conversation in the comments section on the blog.
  5. Threads of a commercial nature: If you have a business service, it is acceptable to post on the boards to offer it to someone who says they are looking for it (but do include more than ‚"“I can do this‚", for example images of past work,). You can also refer in your response to your details in your Profile, in the Yellow Pages or to a blog you have written. Do not start a new thread with your services just for the express purpose of having it on the site - that’s what our Yellow Pages are for. Please also do not just post links to an external site, post anything you would like people to see within the thread. Links to affiliates that are just intended to generate traffic and revenue for the affiliate site owner are also forbidden. You may also not post the same message in multiple forums for the express purpose of getting more advertising exposure. The "Stuff for Sale" threads are for people to sell items on this site, so please do not post links to eBay auctions or similar as these will be removed.
  6. Signatures. We prefer to keep the site tidy and would ask you to restrict your signatures to a minimum.‚   It would also be preferred if you link any signature to your Yellow Page ad versus directly to an external site (please note that there is also a link to your profile which could have up to two external links).
  7. Please search for existing topics before starting new threads. Also, please don’t ‚'“bump‚' threads without having something new to add to them (bumping is posting a reply to a thread purely in order to raise the thread’s profile).
  8. Please stay on-topic. This is a site for showing, discussing and reading about toys or modelling. Except in the Funny & Social Forum please keep things toy-related. All other debates have other homes on the internet to which they are better suited.

*)     '“Flame Wars‚' is a thread consisting entirely or largely of flames by various members that serve only to escalate a dispute. In the context of a Forum flames are referred to as intentionally insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger.

**) ‚  '“Troll‚' is a person who posts in a way intended to anger other members and to cause drama, or otherwise disrupt the Forum's intended purpose.

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