I has returned........I hope!
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TOPIC: I has returned........I hope!

I has returned........I hope! 11 years, 11 months ago #1

Hi all! I\'m back at it as you can see! But for how long is anybody\'s guess! Been in and out of hospitals for the last 2 months and they are still trying to figure out what\'s wrong! I kept loosing blood but don\'t know how or where. I had a colonoscopy and had a biopsey done. I don\'t think it showed anything, because if it was cancerous they would have been hell bent to get me into treatment! They are still thinking about more hospital time, but we will cross that bridge in time. Anyway I\'m back and have a few projects tofinish and some still to come. One thing I\'m really excited about was my new kit purchase I made during one of my short trips home. I managed to score the recently released Revell 1/24 Neoplan Cityliner bus!!!! And I\'m here to tell you it\'s HUGE!!!!! I have no clue as to parts count!! It\'s bigger than your average 1/24 semi truck model!! But before I start wildly slopping glue on parts, I have the suggested paint list to deal with. It\'s as huge as the bus model. I\'m gonna have to go and just spend my whole modeling budget on just paint! This promises to be a wild and crazy build! I have some other stuff to work on, but after that why bother to talk about it!!

Re:I has returned........I hope! 11 years, 11 months ago #2

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Yippie...Hippie\'s back {wave}

Re:I has returned........I hope! 11 years, 11 months ago #3

Welcome back, you were very much missed!

Re:I has returned........I hope! 11 years, 11 months ago #4

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Just saw this post and welome back Hippie. Can\'t wait to see your newest builds. Hey guess what. I have three plastic model air planes to build. LOL, this should be fun. All WWII Bombers. Welcome back and stay healthy, even if it means eating crappy tasting food and doing stuff you don\'t want to do... do it. I expect you to be here for a long time yet, you old bugger, Keep with it. We are all rooting for ya.

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Re:I has returned........I hope! The Rest of the Story. 11 years, 7 months ago #5

hey all! i\'m back again, and hopefully for the last time this go-round! 2 weeks ago I was having problems again. But this time worse! I couldn\'t even hold my weight up or stand even! Lost control of my right arm and was slurring words! Looks lie another stroke and a bad one! But when sitting it would all go away!! Spoky!! So I went by ambulance to the local hospital. they kept me for the weekend and did an exploratory test operation to really see what\'s up. Well, the doctor found a 99% blockage in the leftside big artery to my brain and a 20% blockage on the right. They stiched me right up and I went to the big city hospital in Jacksonville that night by ambulance!!! This was getting serious! I took that Tuesday to settle in and the did the major operation in the cardiac cath lab. I was wide awake thru it all, pain killer don\'t help!!!!! Anyway, I now have a metal stint in my left side neck artery and an angeoplasty dojne on the right. They kept me for a couple more days to make sure I was OK and that no further damage was done to my kidneys. I got home last Friday night and have been rinning ever since to catchup on emails and correspondance. I just wanted to thank the may people that said prayers for me, I needed every one of them!! Now we will see how the rest of it plays out, and hopefully I won\'t be going back to \"incarceration\" too soon!

Re:I has returned........I hope! The Rest of the Story. 11 years, 7 months ago #6

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heck dude, left plenty for you to catch up on.

and I\'m filling up the \'Funny\'s to help you see the funny side of life.

Cheers, take care
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